About EIEI

The Innovative Institute of Electromagnetic Information and Electronic Integration (EIEI) consists of six professors, twelve research fellows and three associate professors, including two IEEE fellows, and National Outstanding Youth Fund winner, one Qiushi Scholar, and one winners of the New-Century Talents of the Ministry of Education. In addition, there are two postdoctoral research fellows and nearly seventy three students in the MS and PhD programs.

EIEI is focused on the key national needs and thrusts in the field of information science and technology and dedicated to the cultivation of creative young talents and the innovative research on electromagnetic information and electronic integration to be recognized both nationally and internationally. The main research areas include the following:

(1) Electromagnetic sensing of complex environments of ocean, terrain, and space, with a focus on microwave remote sensing;

(2) Metamaterial structures and cloaking;

(3) Novel two-dimensional materials and micro/nano device integration;

(4) Three-dimensional advanced packaging and system-level packaging;

(5) Computational electromagnetics, multi-physics high performance simulation and software development; and

(6) Electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic protection of information platforms and systems.

In the recent years, the EIEI faculty has published its research in prestigious peer-reviewed journals, including Nature subjournals, PNAS, PRL, Advanced Materials, ACS NANO, and IEEE Transactions.

The EIEI faculty has received many professional awards, including an IEEE Academic Achievement Award, a Second-Class National Science and Technology Progress Award, a Second-Class National Defense Technological Invention Award, a Second-Class Science and Technology Progress Award of Zhejiang Province, and several Best Paper Awards in international conferences and symposia.

Institute Director: Prof. Wen-Yan Yin
Deputy director of the Institute: Prof. Wei Sha and Prof. Zuojia Wang